You Must Avoid These Mistakes When You Arrange The Living Room

What is the condition of your living room now? Is the sofa always attached to the wall or lack of lighting? The living room is the first place a guest sees when visiting your home. The improper arrangement can make the atmosphere less comfortable. Additionally, the lack of decorations can make it less lively, so we also recommend you to add some art prints in your living room.

The following mistakes should be avoided when arranging the living room:

Put the sofa against the wall

Some people unconsciously always put the sofa attached to the wall of the house both large and small living rooms. You can just put the sofa against the wall if there isn’t enough space. But if you have a large enough room better put the sofa or guest chair in the middle of the room. This can help give the effect of a bigger and more comfortable room.

Too much furniture

For the sake of impressing the guests who visit the house, you put a lot of furniture in the living room. This is also a mistake that is often done unknowingly. It’s useless to put the furniture that has no function. In addition to making spending more wasteful, too much furniture can also make the living room more cramped.

Dim light

It’s not right to put a dim light in the living room. Dim lights should be placed in the bedroom, not the living room. The living room needs bright lighting to create a comfortable atmosphere.

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