You Can Try These Tricks To Unclog Toilets Without Suction

One way to deal with clogged toilets is to use materials that are definitely available in your home. Yes, liquid dish soap is usually always available because it is used to clean dishes and other kitchen equipment. Dish soap is very slippery and strong so that it can clean all the blockage and dirt that has accumulated in the drain. Additionally, if you can’t unclog your toilet., we suggest you hire a plumber Columbia SC.

The trick is to mix one glass of dish soap with hot boiling water. Then protect the area around the toilet with a cloth that is not used. After that flush the mixture of hot water and dish soap carefully. No need to be too hard but let it flow as usual. Wait for approximately 20 minutes.

While waiting, you can try to give hot water little by little. Keep the water that has been poured does not rise again so do it slowly. After that flush with cold water and see if the toilet can be used or not.

Another ingredient that you can use to deal with a full toilet without having to be sucked up is to use baking soda and vinegar ingredients. Vinegar is very effective in dealing with dirt, including as a way to clean crusty ceramic floors. Then baking soda is also often used to overcome a variety of impurities that stick to various media including soft and hard ingredients.

So the way to overcome clogged toilets with baking soda and vinegar is to put baking soda directly in the toilet hole. The amount can be adjusted to the condition of your home toilet. After that, wait for about 2 hours until baking soda settles at the bottom. Then pour two glasses of white vinegar directly in a circular motion so that the vinegar spreads quickly and evenly.

After that, you can see bubbles of strongly scented liquid coming out of the toilet. You just let it go because this is part of the reaction of baking soda and vinegar. But to make it safer than using the nose and mouth cover markes. After this process, wait for about one hour. After that, flush with plain water and surely your toilet is back to normal.

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