There Are Ways To Get Rid Of Dews From Your Windshield

When rain or cold air comes, initially the temperature in the cabin will follow the outside air which contains high humidity. It’s because the presence of the driver accompanied by a breath also contains a lot of water vapor that will meet with air pressure in the cabin. Humid air inhaled breathing and helped cool the warm air in the human body. Steam water that has been accommodated will look for the coldest location, it is known that the most appropriate location is the windshield. Therefore, there was condensation on the windshield and produce dew. Meanwhile, if your windshield is too dirty or damaged, we suggest you bring it to the trusted auto glass repair company near your city.

Here are some powerful ways to deal with dew on the windshield:

Turn on the air conditioner

By turning on the air conditioner, the air temperature in the cabin can adjust. When it’s hot outside, the air conditioner will change the cabin temperature to cool. By turning on the air conditioner, the dew on the glass will disappear. Moist breath is also directly cold because of the air from the air conditioner.

Open the windshield

If your car is not equipped with air conditioning, then the solution that can be done is to open a window. That way, you will let the air in from outside to reduce the moisture from the windshield. However, this solution will be difficult if it is raining heavily. However, you can open it a little, so that there is an air exchange between hot and humid temperatures.

That way, it can help minimize condensation on the glass.

Wash it with shampoo

Do you know? That shampoo is one of the solutions in removing dewy windshields. This can happen because the liquid shampoo has the element of pH which is devoted to drying moisture.

That way, the presence of this pH will help dry the dew on the windshield. The trick just applies shampoo on the dewy windshield. Next, wipe with a damp cloth with a direct movement so that the glass is not opaque. This method works but leaves a mark that you must clean after the rain has stopped or arrived at your destination.

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