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Tips on Choosing Bosses for `Embroidery Jeans`

Apparently the fashion embellished with embroidery seems to be followed by a change in the style of jeans. Subordinates who are always this hype, starting to decorate a lot of playful embroidery Lexington SC in several parts.

Embroidered jeans for the thin body
Skinny women should look for jeans cut straight cut jeans that fall on the waist, and take off the buttocks and thighs. So it does not look saggy on his small body. Pair it with a boom jacket or blazer so that the embroidery application remains visible.

Embroidered jeans for the big body
Large-bodied women can wear slim stylish jeans, with more simple embroidery embellishment. For example, only in the bag or lower end. While superiors are usually better in the style of peplum or bohemian which can cover their curves well.

Embroidered jeans with oversized tops
Jeans are best suited for relaxing. Fancy embroidery applications will still be attractively combined with loose sweatshirts or sweaters. Pair with footwear like a sneaker or stiletto to keep your appearance neat.