Here’s How To Trace Someone’s Email Address

You might want to send emails to important people but you forgot to ask for their email address. Don’t worry, you can find them as well as business contacts through email address directories in a number of ways. There are many email services that we might not know yet, email tester is one of them.

The following are some surefire steps that will allow you to find your email address:

Use the Search Feature

If you are looking for someone’s email address and think you have exchanged email addresses with them before, find their address by using the email program’s search feature or web-based email account to find the name of the person you are looking for.

Make sure you use a program or service to view all folders (even trash folders), and in all header fields and the full text of all messages.

If that doesn’t work, try searching for it by including the first or last name and nickname of the person you’re looking for.
Take advantage of Search Engines

If you know a little email address information for someone you are looking for (name, for example), you can do a search using a search engine, such as Google.

Start by typing the person’s name. The pages that appear may not only contain the names of the search targets, but also their email addresses.

If that doesn’t work, add other data that you might know about, such as your profession, nickname, pet’s name, hobbies or home address of the person you’re looking for.
Social network

Try using social networks to find your old friend’s email address. Can find out through your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Path and other popular social media networks.

Ask everyone you know and don’t hesitate to tell them that you really are looking for that person.
Search on Business Cards

If you feel that your old friend has given you a business card, try to carefully ‘dismantle’ the named cardholder you have. Who knows, you will find their email address on his business card.

This solution is considered quite accurate because most people put their e-mail addresses on their business cards.

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