Efficacy of Manuka Honey, Effective Natural Remedy for Overcoming Acne

There are many ways you can take to eliminate stubborn zits, ranging from doctor’s medicines to natural ingredients. One natural acne remedy that is quite helpful is manuka honey, super honey from New Zealand that is popular with the public because of its million benefits. If you want to buy manuka honey cream, you can visit our website.

Manuka honey contains antimicrobial compounds, sugar (especially glucose and fructose), amino acids, a number of vitamins and minerals. The combination of all these natural ingredients is effective in lifting up dead skin cells and balancing skin pH. So do not be surprised if, after regular use, your facial skin becomes brighter and cleaner. Another benefit of manuka honey is reducing local inflammation due to acne. This honey is made by using a low pH so it makes the ingredients in it work more effectively in fighting acne and maintaining skin beauty.

The benefits of manuka honey are further strengthened by the content of two antimicrobial compounds, namely hydrogen peroxide and methylglyoxal, which are effective in killing various bacteria, including bacteria that have been resistant to some antibiotics. High sugar levels in manuka honey moisturize the area around acne. So, stubborn acne on your face will be quickly resolved. Do not stop there, honey from New Zealand can even help overcome various skin problems, such as psoriasis and dandruff. The texture of honey is also very soft so it will be very easy and soft when applied to the face. Amazing, right?

To feel the benefits, you can mix manuka honey into a facial cleanser or face mask. However, first, clean your face of all types of makeup before applying it.

Face cleanser
Mix a few drops of honey with enough water, then apply on the face little by little. Massage your entire face in a circular motion using your fingertips for several minutes. Rinse immediately with cold water and dry.

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